Sunday, January 18, 2015

Walking With Prawn Cufflinks - Vale Of Glamorgan - Pont y Werin To Leckwith Road Via Ely Trail

4km or 2.5 miles over level, mostly even ground.

This walk starts at the Penarth side of the Pont y Werin Bridge. If you need supplies or a toilet break before you begin, there is a Tesco store over the road behind you.

Cross the bridge.

Just after the benches on the Cardiff side, you will notice a pathway off to the left leading towards the riverbank. Take this path.

Follow this pathway as it curves around the Victoria Wharf apartments and then turn left onto Watkiss Way at the very end. Continue on until you reach the junction with Dunleavy Drive (a Harvester restaurant will be on your right).

This path can be full of puddles in bad weather, but is usually easily passable. If you prefer to stay dry, simply avoid this path by continuing on after the bridge and turning left onto Watkiss Way slightly earlier than above. However, our recommendation is more picturesque.

Turn left onto Dunleavy Drive and follow it until you pass underneath the Grangetown Link.

At this sign, turn left onto the footpath into Grangemoor Park. You may encounter many dogs from the local rescue centre on their daily constitutional here. Tractors have also been known to pass through and can take up most of the path.

Head through the gate underneath the Grangetown Link.

Follow the path through Grangemoor Park until you reach a fork.

Take the left path.

Follow the path through the gate, past the picnic tables and continue under the railway bridge and onwards until you reach Penarth Road.

Stopping at the picnic tables gives you a lovely view across the River Ely. You can often see many swans and rowers in this area.

When you reach Penarth Road, turn left. This is usually a busy and noisy road with lots of vans and lorries from the nearby industrial estates.

You will rejoin the Ely Trail further up the road (we have circled this area in red). Head for the traffic lights ahead and cross here. Should you require a toilet break, before you cross the road, the Pumping Station antique centre has facilities downstairs.

After crossing the road, turn left and then rejoin the Ely Trail by turning right at this sign shortly afterwards. Note, it is not possible to take the trail directly to St Fagans at the time of writing, despite the sign's claim.

Follow the path.

Once again, pass under the Grangetown Link.

Follow the path around to the right, ignoring the small path on your left.

Continue along the long straight path next to the dual carriageway. For a nicer view, the River Ely is on your left.

In bad weather this path can become extremely water-logged. We did get past here, but were soaked up to the ankle! Wear wellies or pick better weather if this worries you!

Continue on, taking care as the ground becomes uneven due to tree roots beneath the path.

Towards the end of the path you will see a metal fence. We have seen people turn back at this point as perspective gives the impression of a dead end. Continue onwards.

Finally you will appear at the exit onto Leckwith Road.

From here you have numerous options; Cross the road to continue along the Ely Trail to Sanitorium Road,

Turn back and retrace your steps, or climb the hill to visit Leckwith and Llandough,

Or use the traffic lights to cross the roundabout and reach Capital Retail Park, which has various shopping, refreshment and pit-stop opportunities. From here you can also continue on to Cardiff City Centre via Canton by taking Leckwith Road.

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