Monday, May 04, 2015

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Raid Mode - Normal - Gauntlet III - Chest Location Guide

III - 01 - Resident Evil 6 - Cave

1 - Run down the stairs onto the ice and go left.

2 - From the first chest go right and the chest is on the edge of the ice.

3 - From the second chest go right and the chest is on the edge of the ice.

III - 02 - Resident Evil 6 - Research Facility - Detention Center

1 - Use the Area Key to enter the locker room. The chest is to the left of the exit door.

2 - Leave the locker room, go left at the crossroads and down the steps. Turn to the right and the chest is next to the sofa.

3 - Use the second Area Key. The chest is at the end of the corridor.

III - 03 - Resident Evil 6 - City In Eastern Europe.

1 - From the start move forward. The chest is against the right wall.

2 - Head up the stairs on the left, the chest is next to some rubble.

3 - Pass the steps on the left and head up the slope. The chest is on the left, against the building.

III - 04 - Resident Evil 6 - Research Facility - Living Quarters

1 - Use the Area Key to enter the bedroom. The chest is directly ahead as you enter.

2 - At the end of the main corridor up the stairs.

3 - Use the Area Key on the door at the end of the main corridor. The chest is on the left at the end.

III - 05 - Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Prison

1 - From the start head straight forward to the very end. The chest is in front of the Kog puzzle door.

2 - Use the Area Key and follow the path. The chest is against the wall in the cell area.

3 - Just before the final Area Key door, the chest is against shelves on the right.

III - 06 - Resident Evil 6 - Poisawan Entrance

1 - Use the second Area Key on the gate to the left. Enter the market stall area then double back around on the other side of the fence. The chest is ahead.

2 - Just before the third Area Key chain, the chest is near the Quality Banana boxes on the left.

3 - Go through the Area Key gate on the right, climb the ladder and cross the roof. Drop down to street level and the chest is straight ahead.

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