Friday, October 30, 2015

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Tower Emblems Guide - Episode 1 - Penal Colony

1/8 - After obtaining the Experiment Block Key, return to the staircase where Claire originally tried to grab the key from the body. Look down and right towards the platform with the ladder you just used. The Emblem is lying flat on top (we have circled this in red) and can also be seen when climbing the ladder. You can only get this as Claire and you need to shoot it.

2/8 - In the Penal Colony, leave the cell area and enter the lobby where you need to place the Kog. Put your back to the mechanism and look up to the ceiling supports to see the Emblem. You can get this with either Claire or Barry and you will need to shoot it.

3/8 - In the torture chamber, boost Moira up the broken ladder so she can unlock a door for Claire. As Claire, move into the room with the Workbench and climb up the ladder to join Moira. Return to the the top of the broken ladder and look towards the skip-like platform above the torture device. The Emblem is on top. You can get this with either Claire or Barry (he will reach this general area after pushing a metal bin aside) and it needs to be shot.

4/8 - When you get to the area with the covered bridge, head left towards the locked double doors. Stand at the edge of the cliff next to a large rock and look towards the bridge. The Emblem is at the centre of the lower support beam of the bridge's floor (we have circled this in red). You can only get this as Claire and you need to shoot it.

5/8 - As Barry, work your way from the boat up the coastal path. You will reach an area with stairs leading to the look-out tower. Go to the stairs - but not up them - and head towards the dead end with unbreakable crates in it. Look between the gap in these crates to see the Emblem at ground level leaning against a sealed door. You can only get this as Barry and you need to shoot it.

6/8 - Once Barry enters the Penal Colony through the shutter, Natalia will make him aware of monsters beyond a locked door. Continue past to the open door to begin disposing of the enemies as you wish. In this room, go all the way around to the right until you are on the other side of the locked door. Look to your right to see the Emblem on a shelf. You can only get this with Barry and you need to shoot it.

7/8 - In the woods, navigate using the floodlights until you reach the second lit area. There is a breakable box and a pile of scrap between two trees here. Get behind the pile facing the light. The Emblem is at your feet in the leafy undergrowth on the left side of the pile. You can only get this in Barry's episode and can be hit with the knife or Natalia's brick.

8/8 - In the area with the logging crane drop down and work around the piles of logs until you reach the bare tree to the right. To the right of this tree are three oil drums. Stand as close as possible to them and pull down on the camera stick so that you are looking down on Barry (or Natalia). You should just be able to make out the Emblem lying on the ground beyond the drums. You can't shoot this so use a brick or explosive/firebomb bottle to hit it. There are a few bricks in the area, the closest being near the snaking pipe on the floor if you turn 180 degrees from the Emblem. It is much easier to get the Emblem when there are no enemies so don't examine the chained gate until you've obtained it.

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