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Retro Discoveries: Benny Hill's Madcap Chase (1985) - ZX Spectrum - DK'Tronics

To say that there was more to Benny Hill than tits and arse is a bit like claiming that you only read Fiesta for the articles. It would be easy to make out that my fondness for all things Benny is down to some sort of ironic, postmodern deconstruction but I would be lying. I just like slapstick. And innuendo. And boobs.

But to be fair to old Benny, some of his finest moments were completely flesh-free. My favourite is his sketch involving a pompous film critic interviewing an arrogant French director. It poked fun at Media Studies long before it had a name, and the phrase "I would like mussel soup" always springs to mind when any ironic, postmodern deconstructing rears its ugly head.

Yes, Benny Hill was misunderstood. I even found proof in a vintage games shop.

Benny Hill fan or not, it would have been hard to resist anything featuring a pixelated version of the Thames Television logo on the cover. But everything you need for a good time is featured on the sparse packaging - a slightly jaundiced Benny Hill, an irate Copper and a large pair of underpants. We're going to have some fun!

If, like me, you're the kind of person who likes to just jump into a vintage game with no regard for the controls or story, Benny Hill's Madcap Chase initially comes across as something that Codemasters probably would have called Dirty Old Man Simulator.

Yellow Benny starts on the aptly named Hill Street with an empty basket of clothes. Guiding him through a typical British setting - Victorian lamp-posts, red phone boxes, roadworks - you eventually reach a washing line full of knickers, bras, trousers and some sort of wrap. Benny will then grab one item and you must guide him back to place it in his basket. BUT! Did you see that Fifties Housewife leaning on her wall? She doesn't take kindly to people stealing from washing lines. And who can blame her? I wouldn't like it if Benny Hill - or anybody for that matter - jumped over my back wall with the intention of stealing my smalls. So she rightly takes matters into her own hands and thus, "WATCH OUT!", we have a madcap chase.

At this point, I simply had to read the instructions to find out why Benny was stealing women's underwear. These days, that sort of crime would be small-fry compared to the things you get up to in Grand Theft Auto. The Daily Mail would probably be relieved if they could blame a game for inspiring teenagers to go out and perform random knicker grabs. But I like to know a character's motivation if I'm to help perform his dirty deeds, and it was at this point that I discovered that I had got Benny all wrong. I felt terrible.

The Fifties Housewife and I had jumped to the wrong conclusion. Benny wasn't stealing those clothes, he had actually offered his neighbourly services to close friend Mrs. Harras, who had popped to the shops. Benny agreed to bring her washing in before she got home - perhaps he sensed rain. Ignoring the fact that Benny could have made life a little easier on himself by putting the washing basket in front of the line, rather than at the end of Britiain's most cluttered street, everything now makes perfect sense. But in his haste to avoid the forthcoming rain shower, Benny doesn't have time to explain this misunderstanding to the Fifties Housewife and thus, the madcap chase continues.

The simple controls are actually very responsive. I used a Kempston joystick which allowed me to move Benny up, down, left and right - simple as that, in theory. But in practise, things are a little more complicated. All of the obstacles are arranged like Photoshop layers, and it's up to you to judge their depth and perspective. It works surprisingly well, but when the Fifties Housewife gives chase and things get tense (which they do!), you'll find yourself splatting into the nearest lamp-post. It's like trying to walk down your local high street during the early stages of a migraine - all sense of depth perception is lost and you can't make out anything through the bright visual disturbances. Thankfully, the game is a lot more fun than that.

Once you've mastered the chaos, it's easy to get complacent. It's at this point - inches from the washing basket - when the Fifties Housewife will walk herself into a phone box. You'll laugh at her facial expression and breathe a sigh of relief, before distraction will send you flying into the roadworks. Where there's blame, there's a claim. Not that Fifties Housewife will give you a chance to process any thoughts of litigation. She'll catch up with you, jump on top of you like the dirty old man she thinks you are, and flash her bloomers in your face for good measure. Benny will grimace - whether from pleasure or pain I cannot say - and it's back to the washing line for you, because the stolen item has miraculously found its way back, and pegged itself on securely.

As if all this is not hard enough, there is also a time limit. You start off with 100. They're not seconds or minutes, just random beeps every few seconds. We'll call them Bennies. One unit of Benny Time is equivalent to six Earth seconds, so you've got about ten minutes to finish your errand. After half a dozen attempts, I've still not managed to do it. I got close once, but got caught by Fifties Housewife just before I could dump my trousers in the basket. We've all been there. As such I have not had the pleasure of the other two levels featured in the game.

Oh yes, there's more. Despite his bad experience, Benny's charitable nature has not dwindled. Benny will subsequently offer his apple-picking services to Mr. Bramley (who has gone away on holiday) and his jumble-collecting services to Mrs. Bargin (who seemingly just can't be bothered). You can see where this is going, plus you'll have to contend with the policeman from the cover screenshot in the later stages. What a farce!

Benny Hill's Madcap Chase is reminiscent of other collect-and-avoid games of the era. Both The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Munsters required you to collect items and take them to a central location without being caught by an unbeatable boss - Meat Loaf and a zombie, respectively. I love the challenge and suspense that comes with such situations, and have fond memories of my best friend screaming at the top of his voice whenever the zombie from The Munsters appeared on screen. Honestly, it was my friend.

I'm not sure who wins in a battle of scariness between a zombie and a Fifties Housewife. It's a bit like that American kid who kept Instant Messaging me on AOL in 2001, asking who would win in a fight between Resident Evil's Nemesis and Mr. X. It's my belief that nobody is a winner once you get into conversations like that. Suffice to say, you'll hoot and howl just as much whilst playing Benny Hill's Madcap Chase.

Perhaps the biggest omission from the game is the classic Benny Hill theme tune. Even a digitised version would have added to the suspense and hilarity. It's one of those tunes, like the theme from CBBC's Bitsa, that makes you do everything faster. Try doing anything to either piece of music and you'll end up with the ultimate definition of "more haste, less speed." Alas, as it's only a 48K game, Benny is accompanied by nothing more than solitary beeps and crunchy sounds. A shame, but a minor regret given the limitations of the machine.

It would be easy to say that a game like this wouldn't be made today. But when you think about it, is it really that far removed from Metal Gear Solid? After all, both Benny Hill and Solid Snake wear a beret. Imagine a modern day version of Madchap Chase, having to use stealth techniques to avoid Fifties Housewife, only to walk into a lamp-post after sitting there for ten minutes waiting for the prime opportunity when she's turned away to light a cigarette. Throw in the theme tune and you've got a winner.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Resident Evil Games - Index Page

An index page to help you navigate through our Resident Evil game content.

Resident Evil 5 - Lost In Nightmares - Wish Upon A Star - Trophy/Achievement Guide

Resident Evil 6 - Serpent Emblem Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations - Handprint Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations - Raid Mode - BP Score Star Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations - Raid Mode - General Advice

Resident Evil HD Remaster - Chris Speed Run Guide

Resident Evil HD Remaster - Jill Speed Run Guide

Resident Evil HD Remaster - File Location Guide

Resident Evil HD Remaster - Map Location Guide

Resident Evil HD Remaster - Trophy/Achievement Guide

Resident Evil HD Remaster - Every Nook And Cranny Guide

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Kafka Drawings Guide

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - File Location Guide - Episode 1 - Penal Colony

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Raid Mode Chest Location Guide

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster - Fileophile Trophy / Achievement Guide

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster - Fileophile Trophy / Achievement Guide

This is a complete guide to all of the files found in the Remaster of Resident Evil 0. The walkthrough was made with the PS4 HD version (released in 2016) but is also compatible with the other HD versions and the GameCube original. In the modern remakes, obtaining all files will trigger the Fileophile hidden Trophy/Achievement, which is required for the Platinum Trophy/Achievement.

We cannot guarantee that the walkthrough is spoiler-free, so we recommend that you have played through the whole game at least once before using our guide. We also do not hold your hand between files or tell you what to kill or use, when or how.

Some files require a key before you can enter the room they are found in. It is assumed that you would already have the relevant item in your inventory. Some files appear automatically after picking up an item so it is advised that you manage your inventory accordingly.

We have listed the files in the order that the game's File Menu lists them. This means that they are not necessarily in the order that you will discover them in-game, but makes it easier to work out which ones you've missed. The titles are not always identical in the Menu to when they are first collected, but these are only minor differences - for example, Player's Manual 2 has the extra subtitle "Character Switching" when you first obtain it.

We hope that our guide is useful to you. Please enjoy!

Files 1

Files 2

Files 3

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster - Fileophile Trophy / Achievement Guide - Files 3

Old Photograph

In the room with the fishtank in the Laboratory, the file is discovered after picking up the Input Reg. Coil from the shelf.

Investigator's Report

In the Laboratory's Operating Room, the file is on the floor near the wall (we have circled this in red).

Leech Growth Records

In the Laboratory's Research Room, the file is on the corner of a table near a microscope (we have circled this in red).

Laboratory Manager's Diary

In the Laboratory Management Room, the file is on a chair by the computer (we have circled this in red).

B.O.W. Report

In the Laboratory's Breeding Room, the file on the floor by the cages (we have circled this on red).

About Battery Fluid

On the bed in the Treatment Plant's Dormitory Save Room (we have circled this in red).

Investigator's Report 2

In the Treatment Plant, on the upper level of the B6 Turbine Room, the file is in the hand of a corpse in the corner (we have circled this in red).

Treatment Plant Manager's Diary

In the Gondola Control Room of the Treatment Plant, the file is on the floor in a corner of the room (we have circled this in red).

Gate Operation Manual

In the Heliport, you will automatically receive this file at a certain point in the final battle. If you have collected all previous files, this will trigger the previously hidden Fileophile Trophy/Achievement.

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster - Fileophile Trophy / Achievement Guide - Files 2

Notice To All Staff

In the Training Facility, this file is on the table in the upstairs study, accessed via the door on the left of the upper Hall.

Marcus' Diary 1

After solving the puzzle in the Training Facility's Chess Room and taking the Book Of Evil from the desk, this file will be found underneath.

Assistant Director's Diary

In the Training Facility, this is found on the table opposite the fireplace in the Moose Head Room.

About The Power Regulator

This is found on the floor near the exit door of the Dungeon Torture Chamber in the Training Facility.

A Verse Of Poetry

On a table in the Meeting Room accessed via the Clock Puzzle door on the upper right of the main Hall in the Training Facility.

Management Trainee's Diary

This is found on a table in the Bunk Bed Room in the Cells of the Training Facility (we have circled this in red).

Microfilm Image

To get this you must have both Microfilm A and B and insert them in the projector in the room accessed via the Clock Puzzle door on the lower floor of the main Hall in the Training Facility.

Inmates List

In the Cell Save Room Area in the Training Facility, the file is on the desk opposite the typewriter.

1st Investigation Unit Notes

In the Medical Examination Room of the Training Facility, the file is on the bed to the left of the cabinet (we have circled this on red).

Marcus' Diary 2

On the table with a vase in the Library Save Room of the Church.

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster - Fileophile Trophy / Achievement Guide - Files 1

Player's Manual 1

This file is waiting for you from the start of the game in your File Menu.

Player's Manual 2

You automatically obtain this file when Rebecca agrees to team up with Billy.

Court Order For Transportation

Rebecca picks this up from the MP's vehicle in a cutscene at the start of the game. It can be accessed via the File Menu.

Hookshot Operator's Manual

You automatically get this file when you pick up the Hookshot at the rear of the Train.

Investigation Orders

On the Train, this is in Cabin 201 (the Save Room) on the bottom bunk of the bed.

Notice To Supervisors

On the Train, the File is downstairs in the Dining Car, on a small corner table with a vase of flowers on.

Passenger's Diary

On the Train, this is in Cabin 202, on the side table (we have circled this in red).

Brake Operation Manual

You get this automatically in the lead car on the Train when you set off the cutscene.

Note From Conductor

This is on the floor in the Conductor Room on the Train.

Regulations For Trainees

In the Conference Room in the Training Facility, the file is on the second row of desks on the left as you enter from the Hall (we have circled this in red).

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Desperately Seeking Susan

Diagnosis Murder

Diamonds Are Forever

Die Another Day

Diff'rent Strokes

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Deeds


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Don't Bother To Knock

Dr. No

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Dukes Of Hazzard



Eight Below


Emily Owens, MD

Emily's Reasons Why Not



The Fall Guy

Fame (2009)


Fifty Shades Of Grey



The Flintstones

For Your Eyes Only

The Fosters

Freaky Friday (2003)


From Russia With Love


Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


Ghost Whisperer


Gilmore Girls

Girl, Interrupted




Good Luck Charlie

Gossip Girl

The Graves


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The Great Race




Hart Of Dixie

Harvard Man


Hawaii Five-O (2010)

He-Man: Masters Of The Universe




Herbie: Fully Loaded

Hidden Palms

Highway To Heaven

The Holiday

Holiday In Handcuffs


Home And Away

Honest (TV Series)


Hong Kong Phooey

House Of 9

How To Marry A Millionaire

How To Steal A Million


I Know What You Did Last Summer

Ice Princess

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Indecent Proposal


Into The Night


It's A Wonderful Life

The Italian Job (2003)


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Jane Doe

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back



The Jetsons

Jingle All The Way

The Joneses

Josie And The Pussycats


Knight Rider



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Last Resort

Layer Cake

Let's Make Love

Letters To Juliet

Licence To Kill

Life Is Wild

Life Or Something Like It

Little House On The Prairie

Liv And Maddie

Live And Let Die

The Living Daylights

Lizzie McGuire

Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman

Lost Girl

Love Comes Softly

Love Happy

Love Nest

Love's Abiding Joy

Love's Enduring Promise

Love's Long Journey

Love's Unending Legacy

Love's Unfolding Dream

The Lying Game


Made Of Honour

Make It Or Break It

Mamma Mia!

The Man With The Golden Gun

Married With Children

Material Girls

Mean Girls

Melissa & Joey

The Mentalist



Miracle On 34th Street (1947)

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Moulin Rouge!

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Nothing But Trouble



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Once Upon A Time

The Only Way Is Essex

The Originals


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Pan Am


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Pepper Dennis


Perfectly Prudence

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Pretty Woman

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The Prince And The Showgirl

Prison Break



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The Royal

Runaway Bride


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Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

Scream (Film Series)

The Secret Circle

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Shark Tale

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She's All That


Simply Irresistable

Six Degrees


Smokey And The Bandit

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Soccer Mom

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Something's Got To Give

Somewhere In Time

Sonny With A Chance

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The Spy Who Loved Me


Stay Alive

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Street Hawk

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The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody

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Switched At Birth


Tangled (2010)

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

The Thanksgiving House

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Titanic II

TJ Hooker

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Tomorrow Never Dies

The Tomorrow People (2013)

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True Women


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What About Brian

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Wild Things 2

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