Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wonderland Dizzy - Star Location Guide

A list of star locations in Wonderland Dizzy to help you obtain all one hundred in order to finish the game after rescuing your friends. We've listed the locations in the order you will visit them if you use our Wonderland Dizzy walkthough. The stars are usually in plain sight, but we have pointed out any particularly tricky ones!

Mystical Monolith - 1

Bushy Grove - 2

High In The Trees - 1

Wishing Well - 2

The Well Shaft - 2

Stone Henge - 2

Haunted Swamp - 1

Lillyput Swamp - 2

High In The Clouds - 23 (You will need the Broomstick. One star is particularly tricky as you have to get off the Broomstick on the screen above and fall through the clouds)

The Monolith - 2 (Obtain the one on the right with Broomstick, and the one on the left by jumping right from High In The Trees)

Tower With A View - 2

Upper Gallery - 1

High In The Castle -1

The Watch Tower -1

The Cloisters - 1

The Chapel - 2

The Look Out Room - 2 (The Small Trampoline is required for one)

Entrance Hall - 1

Castle Moat - 1

Throne Room - 2

The Portcullis - 2

The Drawbridge - 1

Sword In The Stone - 2

Sleepy Hollow - 2

Among The Clouds - 1 (Jump left off the ledge above Dozy)

Home Of The Piper - 2

Among The Foliage - 2

Mad Hatter's Party - 1

Troll's Bridge - 1

Dividing Passages - 3

The Tower - 1

Grand Hall - 2 (Split over both levels)

To The Dungeons - 2 (Split over both levels)

Castle Cellar - 3

The Crypt - 3

The Stairway - 2

The Queen's Chamber - 2

Base Of Volcano - 2

Volcanic Cliff - 1

Hot Lava Pool - 2

Cave Opening - 2

Deep Dark Cave - 2

Earth's Center - 1

Secret Passage - 2 (You'll need to remove the Rat to get one of them)

Forgotten Hideout - 2

A Pack Of Guards - 2

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