Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wonderland Dizzy - Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Wonderland Dizzy, finally released in 2015 after twenty-two years stuck in an attic. This is not necessarily the only way to complete the game, but is an efficient route through the screens with the minimum of backtracking. Using our guide, it is possible to get to the end of the game within half an hour, including all star pick-ups.

Go Left to Bushy Grove and get Smoker's Pipe.

Climb up and use Pipe on Caterpillar. Get Leather Whip. Climb to High In The Trees to get Black Cat.

Go back down, then left to the Wishing Well. Get Poisoned Apple. Leave Leather Whip. Go down Well to Well Shaft to get Halloween Hat.

Climb out of Well and go right until Stone Henge. Drop something. Pick up Cup Of Holy Water.

Go right to Haunted Swamp and use Holy Water on Ghost. Go back and pick up what you left. Continue right to Witches Island. Use Cat, Hat and Apple.

Continue right to Lillyput Swamp and use Broomstick to fly to High In The Clouds to get Cloth Duster and Sharp Dagger.

Return to Bushy Grove and use Dagger to get A Leaf From Dylan. Drop Dagger.

Climb up to Caterpillar Trees and ride the smoke rings to Among The Clouds. Get Backdoor Key.

Jump left on clouds to enter a Tower With A View. Drop Cloth, get Well Handle.

Drop down to Entrance Hall, go right and use Backdoor Key in Castle Moat.

Go back to Upper Gallery and get Flaming Torch.

Return to Witches Island and use A Leaf From Dylan and Flaming Torch to get Witch's Brew.

Go back to Bushy Grove and free Dylan with the Witch's Brew.

Go to Wishing Well and use Well Handle to get Empty Bucket. Leave the Empty Bucket here. Pick up Leather Whip again.

Go left to the Castle Moat. Use Leather Whip to cross. Ignore the Bag Of Rubbish. Drop the Whip.

Go up and left to the Chapel and pick up Ancient Lamp. Return to A Tower With A View. Drop Lamp. Pick up Cloth, then pick up Lamp to trigger Game Genie (this is only for an extra life). Drop both when you have your extra life.

Go to the Upper Gallery and take the lift up twice to the Watch Tower. Get the Pocket Watch.

Go all the way down and left to Throne Room and pick up Book of Music.

Go left to the Drawbridge and give the Pocket Watch to the White Rabbit. Get the China Teapot.

Go left to Sleepy Hollow and up to Home Of The Piper and use the Book Of Music to get the Musical Pipes.

Go right to Among The Foliage. and get Big Stick.

Drop down to Sword In The Stone and leave the Pipes.

Go left to the Mad Hatter's Party and use the Teapot. Get the Unbirthday Cake.

Go left until you reach the Troll's Bridge. Use the Big Stick on the Goat (!) to clear the bridge.

Continue left. At the Dividing Passages go up and left to find a tiny Denzil. Use the Unbirthday Cake to make him bigger.

Go right and up to The Tower. Pick up the Cut Diamond. Go back down and left to the Grand Hall. Go down To The Dungeons. Go right to the Castle Cellar and pick up Theo's Magic Wand. Go left and give the Cut Diamond to the Guard.

Go right, picking up the Musical Pipes from Sword In The Stone. Pick up the Bag Of Rubbish at the Castle Moat and drop it inside. Pick up the Leather Whip, use it to swing across and drop it and the Pipes at the Wishing Well. Pick up the Empty Bucket.

Go right all the way to Base Of The Volcano and use the Empty Bucket in the pool of water to get Bucket Of Water.

Go back to Lillyput Swamp and get on the Broomstick. Fly up and right over the Hot Lava Pool and get off the Broomstick at the Cave Opening.

Go down through the Cave and give the Magic Wand to Theo at The Earth's Center. Talk to him once he's free and he'll give you the Merit Of Strength. Climb out and fly back across the Lava Pool and continue left.

At Wishing Well pick up the Musical Pipes, drop down the Well Shaft and go left to the Secret Passage. Use the Pipes on the Rat.

Go left to the Forgotten Hideout and get the Small Trampoline.

Exit up into the Entrance Hall then take the lift up. Go left until you reach the Lookout Room.

Use the Trampoline to reach the West Tower. Get the Drink Me Potion.

Go back down and jump out of the window to the left. Go left to Among The Foliage and down to Sword In The Stone.

Use Merit Of Strength on Sword to get Excalibur.

Go left to Sleepy Hollow and use Bucket Of Water to wake Dozy. Drop the Empty Bucket.

Continue left to the Grand Hall, then go down via the Dungeon, Cellar and Crypt to the Oubliette. Use the Drink Me Potion on Dora (it is safe to walk through the water).

Go back up to the Grand Hall, to where you found Denzil. Go up the Stairway and into the Queen's Chamber. Go through the door and talk to the Queen, who will let you pass because you are holding Excalibur.

Go left through A Pack Of Guards into Grand Dizzy's Jail. Pull the lever to set him free.

Go all the way way to the Mystical Monolith using the cloud path from A Tower With A View to get over the Castle Moat. If you do not have all 100 stars at this point, the door will not open. If you've followed our walkthrough precisely, chances are you've missed some High In The Clouds or the one on the left of the Monolith. If you're still missing some, we've written a full list of locations to help.

At the Mystical Monolith, go through the exit door.

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