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The Elder Scrolls Online - Skyshards Walkthrough - Auridon

A Landing Of Noble's Blood

Nearest Wayshrine: Vulkhel Guard

Head West from the Wayshrine, up the steps. Look right to see the Skyshard on the balcony of the Manor House (Bank). Enter the building, go up the stairs on either side and go out the central door upstairs to find the Skyshard.

Adorns Valano's Terrace

Nearest Wayshrine: Phaer

Head South East from the Wayshine to Silsailen. Cross the bridge from the burnt out town square and climb the stairs to Valano Manor. You will see the Skyshard on the upper level on the right. Enter the building and go up the stairs either side and go to the central corridor. Exit the door on the left to see the Skyshard in the fountain.

Offered To Appease Riled Ancestors

Nearest Wayshrine: Tanzelwil

From the Wayshrine head West, moving around the cliff where necessary. You will reach a large ruin with the Journal Of Priestess Aranwen reading on the altar. Look left and head for the arch at the cliff edge to see the Skyshard on another altar.

Watching The Sky In A Tower Of Swords

Nearest Wayshrine: Skywatch

From the Wayshrine go up the steps to the East to enter Skywatch. Cross the bridge and head South East to climb the stairs to the Fighter's Guild. The Skyshard is on the left balcony. Enter the builing and go through the door ahead. Turn to the right and the Skyshard is in a wooden crate on the balcony.

Between Cursed Ruin And Shrine

Nearest Wayshrine: Quendeluun

Head North East from the Wayshrine and drop down the cliff at its lowest point. Head South along the cliffs to see the Skyshard surrounded by purple and red flowers behind a wall.

Near Merormo's Refreshment

Nearest Wayshrine: Mathiisen

Head North West from the Wayshrine until you reach the red and green trees which surround Merormo's Tower. The Skyshard is next to the well to the right of the tower entrance.

Contemplation's Overlook

Nearest Wayshrine: College

Head West from the Wayshrine to the Isle Of Contemplation. When you reach the bridge, look west to see a waterfall. The Skyshard is on top and requires a scenic trip to reach it. Swim west across the lake towards the red tree, then head West around the rocks and follow the cliffs until you meet the main road. Turn right and climb the slope, then head East along the river until you reach the top of the waterfall. The Skyshard is on a rock in the centre.

Up And West In The Broken Dawn

Nearest Wayshrine: College

Head South West along the road, taking a left turn at the fork, until you reach Dawnbreak. Head for the fountain in the centre of town and turn right to face the large ruined building. Enter through the main entrance, then go to the right to see the Skyshard up the stairs.

Gleaming Beacon, Ship-Guide

Nearest Wayshrine: Firsthold

Face East at the Wayshrine and follow the road as it winds gradually downhill. Cross the bridge, then take the next left. Follow the road until you cross another bridge, then go right. Enter the archway into North Beacon, then head West to cross the water and climb the stone stairs. Beware, as this is a high-density enemy area. Turn left to climb more stairs ahead, then follow the path to even more stairs. Go through another archway to climb a further staircase, then follow the dirt path around to a wooden bridge which will bring you to another climb. The lighthouse should now be in front of you. Enter the building, and go through the next door to reach the top. The Skyshard is next to the brazier in the centre.

Ancient Chamber Of Golden Glow

Nearest Wayshrine: College

Head South West along the road, taking a left turn at the fork. Follow the road through Dawnbreak and across the bridge. Turn right and follow the road until you reach an arched bridge. Instead of crossing it, head down the hill to the left until you reach the beach. Head left to the entrance of the Bewan and go inside. Make your way through the dungeon until you reach the large square water-filled chamber with a brazier surrounded by serpents in the middle. Head for the Giant Snake in the South East corner to find it wrapped around the Skyshard!

The Heritance Stakes This Claim

Nearest Wayshrine: Vulkhel Guard

Head North along the road out of town and take the left path. Continue until you reach a wooden stable on the left and come off the road to find the Del's Claim Delve to the West. Enter, then follow the path down and take the first left. Keep going straight ahead then take the left turn near a line of corpses. Follow the path, then take the first left to see the Skyshard on the ground just beyond the wooden support structure.

Near The Folly's End

Nearest Wayshrine: Mathiisen

Head East from the Wayshrine around the right of the huge rock until you reach the beach. Head North until you find the entrace to Entila's Folly Delve and go inside. Follow the path and take the more-or-less straight passage all the way to the large chamber at the bottom right of the Delve map. As you enter, you will see the Skyshard amongst rocks under a pink tree to the right.

Held In A Corner By The House Of Troubles

Nearest Wayshrine: Greenwater

Head North along the road from the Wayshrine. When you reach the stone pillars either side of the road, turn off to the left and follow the winding dirt path all the way to the entrance of the Mehrune's Spite Delve. Enter, then follow the path into the first room. Go through the doorway on the right, then turn right again and follow the path. You will eventually arrive in a chamber with red and pink trees. The Skyshard is to your left as you enter.

Blood-Drained Thralls Stumble Past

Nearest Wayshrine: Tanzelwil

From the Wayshrine, climb the stairs to the North East. Continue up the stairs slightly to the left, then climb again to the right. Go down the circular stairs to enter the Ondil Delve. Follow the path into the first main chamber and climb the steep stairs to the right. Continue along the bookshelf-lined corridor and then take a right turn into the bat-infested area. Take The second right turn to find the Skyshard in a brazier in front of an altar.

Corpses From Another Age Walk Here

Nearest Wayshrine: Quendeluun

Head North from the Wayshrine through the stone tunnel to Quendeluun. One outside again, head to the left and continue to the Wansalen Delve. Go down the circular stairs and enter. Follow the path down and into the large chamber. Go down the stairs and then head left through the arch to the South West. Follow this flooded passage and turn to the right when you encounter a large gate off its hinges. The Skyshard is in this small chamber on top of an altar. The map marker implies that the Skyshard is on the top layer, but it is on the ground floor immediately below the upper corridor.

Hidden Home In The Gully's Wall

Nearest Wayshrine: Tanzelwil

Take the road North East from the Wayshrine, passing Ondil on your right. Continue down the dirt road and turn left back on to the main road at the end. Take the next right, then turn left on to the dirt track to the beach. Go left, then left again to follow another dirt track to the entrance of the Toothmaul Gully Public Dungeon. Once inside, follow the path to the large chamber at the bottom of the map. Head South East up the wooden ramp, then around to the right of the rocks to climb a winding dirt track up the cliffs. Continue North then look right to see a burning cabinet. The Skyshard is amongst glowing flowers at the top of the rocks ahead. You can simply jump up these rocks from the right hand side to reach the shard.

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