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The Elder Scrolls Online - Skyshards Walkthrough - Glenumbra

Guarding Daggerfall's Eastern Gates

Nearest Wayshrine: Daggerfall

Head South East from the Wayshrine, through the town and out of the gate near the stables. Turn to the right to see the Skyshard beyond the tents.

Before Dresan's Headless Sentinel

Nearest Wayshrine: Wyrd Tree

Head North East from the Wayshrine, and enter the Dresan Keep compound. The Skyshard next to the headless statue in front of the ruined tower.

Search Among The Shrieks

Nearest Wayshrine: Wyrd Tree

Head West from the Wayshrine, keeping to the left of the cliffs until you reach Shrieking Scar. Head left to the camp area, then begin climbing the hill to the South West. Turn right and follow the road as it climbs to the left. When you reach the top, face West and head for the grassy area to see the Skyshard on the edge of the cliff near some small trees.

Westtry's Dead Slept Underneath

Nearest Wayshrine: Eagle's Brook

Head South West from the Wayshrine, then West when you reach North Shore Point. Once you reach Westtry, you will see an open crypt to the West. Climb up the hill on either side of the entrance to claim the Skyshard.

Far Behind The Elf-Haters' Lines

Nearest Wayshrine: Aldcroft

From the Wayshrine join the raod to the South East and turn left at the well. Follow the road out of Aldcroft, over the bridge and turn left. Take the next left under the rock arch and follow the road through Glenumbra Moors. Climb the winding path to the second tier of tents above Faolchu's Lair. Look left to see the Skyshard at the edge of the cliff.

Beneath A Hag's Footbridge

Nearest Wayshrine: Hag Fen (Not North Hag Fen)

Head South West from the Wayshrine across the swamps until you see a stone bridge. Go under the large central arch and turn right to find the Skyshard.

Where Vines Strangle The Sleeping Dead

Nearest Wayshrine: Lion Guard Redoubt

From the Wayshrine head East, climb the wooden steps and drop down to leave the Redoubt. Follow the path to Cath Bedraud. Once inside, take the second right and head u the slope to the left. and follow the path around. The Skyshard is on the right next to some open coffins.

Close To Finding The Kings

Nearest Wayshrine: Burial Tombs

Head East from the Wayshrine, across the water and to the right of the rock ahead. The Skyshard is next to the boulder beyond.

A Climb Above Crosswych

Nearest Wayshrine: Crosswych

Head East from the Wayshrine into Crosswych. Follow the path to the left and climb the hill. Once at the Mine go up the wooden ramps to the right of the entrance door. Follow the board walk as it spirals up to find the Skyshard in a minecart.

A Tower Explored Ilessen Learned

Nearest Wayshrine: Baelborne Rock

From the Wayshrine go West to Ilessen Tower Delve. Once inside go straight ahead then follow the path around. Continue straight on and follow the path until you reach a large harpy-infested cavern. Go down the wooden ramp to the right and work your way to the base of the waterfalls. The Skyshard is by the left waterfall.

Near Silumm's Well On Daggerfall Shores

Nearest Wayshrine: Baleborne Rock

Head North West from the Wayshrine, following the cliff until you reach a winding road downhill. Follow this then go left and onto the beach to find Silumm Delve to the left. Head inside, follow the path straight on to reach a chamber with statues. The Skyshard is to the left of the broken statue ahead.

Within A Mine Of Blood And Thorns

Nearest Wayshrine: Aldcroft

Head East from the Wayshrine, through Aldcroft and leave via the gate that leads to water. Swim East and surface at the Fishing Hole on the island opposite. Continue around to the East to discover the entrance to the Mines Of Khuras Delve. Once inside, follow the path and turn left. When the area opens out, the Skyshard will just be visible behind rocks to the right. Climb the wooden ramp to the left and follow the boardwalk to the right to access the Skyshard.

Behind A Wall To Enduum All

Nearest Wayshrine: Eagle's Brook

Take the path North from the Wayshrine, and continue following it to the right as it heas downhill to the coast. At the docks, turn left and follow the cliffs around - swimming where necessary - until you reach the entrance to Enduum Delve. Enter and follow the path until you reach the chamber with the Ayleid Well. Take the right exit and then take another right into a small square room with lots of bookcases. The Skyshard is on an altar in the centre.

Where Ebon Crypts Become Ebon Caves

Nearest Wayshrine: Lion Guard Redoubt

Head North from the Wayshrine until you reach the entrance to Ebon Crypt. Once inside, follow the path and turn left. Continue along the passage until you reach the large rectangular chamber at the top of the map. The Skyshard is in front of the large pillar as you enter, next to a broken statue.

In The Bowels Of Cryptwatch

Nearest Wayshrine: Crosswych

Head North East up the path from the Wayshrine until you reach Cryptwatch Fort. Once inside, turn left immediately and follow the path around until you reach the large camp and storage area. Turn left and go through the door, then follow the narrow corridor to the open cell ahead. The skyshard is in the corner on the right, next to some wooden crates.

In The Roots Of The Hallows

Nearest Wayshrine: Daggerfall

Head South West from the Wayshrine and follow the road down to Daggerfall Docks. When you get to the boardwalks, head to the left and down the slope on to the beach. Follow the coast to the left until you reach the entrance to Bad Man's Hallows. Once inside the cave system, take the left passage and follow the path all the way to the chamber at the bottom of the map. Take the left passage and climb the path all the way up, continuing straight on as it narrows. The Skyshard will be visible in a hole at the end of the passage. You must drop down to the ledge below to collect it. You will not be able to get back up from here, so you must work your way along the passages below to return.

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