Friday, March 03, 2017

The Elder Scrolls Online - Treasure Map Walkthrough

This is a work-in-progress guide to the Treasure Maps in The Elder Scrolls Online. Maps can be collected from Thieves' Troves (if you have the Thieves' Guild DLC), Chests that you have to lockpick open, defeated enemies or bought from Guild Traders. There are also a number of Collector's Edition (CE) Maps which are included with certain versions of the game.

Each Map is quite vague, usually only featuring a sketch of the slightest of landmarks. As such, you'll find that they can pile up in your inventory faster than you can clear them out! We have included pictures of each Map and then a comparison picture of the location in-game, as close as we can get it. We then provide a picture of the Dirt Mound where the Treasure is buried and then a map picture showing the exact location of our character when we obtained it. The blue arrow icon on the map is our character, so ignore any other arrows or circles as they are quest related. Note that you must have the Treasure Map in your Inventory (not in your Bank) for the Dirt Mound to appear. You can obtain these Maps multiple times (except for CE Maps) but you can only keep one copy of each on you at a time.

We have centred our descriptions around the closest Wayshrine to each Treasure. Sometimes the most obvious Wayshrine is not the most practical due to cliffs or enemies getting in the way. We've tried to provide the safest passage possible, however it is sometimes unavoidable as a Treasure is right by a dangerous area, such as a Dolmen. Due warning is given to particularly dangerous threats, however if your character is low-levelled or under equipped you may have trouble with other enemies that we haven't mentioned. Often it is possible to go as the crow flies, but this often includes long drops off cliffs and dangerous beasties. If you wish to take the direct route, feel free, but don't say we didn't warn you!

We have used the in-game compass and Points Of Interest as a guide to the locations of the Treasures, so we recommend that you have had at least a basic wander around each land to mark these and the Wayshrines on the map. However, as we have provided a map picture for each Treasure, it is possible for you to set a Waypoint in the general area and make a beeline for it.

We have grouped the Treasure Maps by Alliance, but it is possible to get all the Treasure with one character eventually. You will notice that we have used a few different characters during this walkthrough as it was easier than waiting until we had levelled up our main character.

We hope that our guide is useful to you. We run a Prawn Cufflinks Guild on the PS4 EU Server where game assistance can also be found. PM us on PSN for an invite if you want to join us. Please enjoy!

Aldmeri Dominion

Khenarthi's Roost




Malabal Tor

Reaper's March

Daggerfall Covenant

Stros M'Kai





Alik'r Desert


Ebonheart Pact


Bal Foyen





The Rift

All Alliances




Gold Coast - Dark Brotherhood DLC

Hew's Bane - Thieves' Guild DLC

Wrothgar - Orsinium DLC

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